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Middle Ages Pub, Brno

Middle Ages Pub, Brno

Česká 6

Phone: +420 542 210 021

I would like to introduce the concept of an adventurous restaurant called STŘEDOVĚKÁ KRČMA to you. Everything is based on amusing and completely different gastronomy. The waiters wear period costumes here, including medieval shoes. Customers have to buy a currency, so-called TALÁRY and GROŠE, at the entrance which will be used when paying. The menu takes all social classes of guests into account, e.g. for "Poor Travellers", "Helpers and Prentices", "Townsfolk Meals" and "Meals for Kings and Knights". It is in a form of parchment with wooden folder. Meals, which you cannot see in other restaurants, are prepared according to the medieval recipes. Guests, if not wanted otherwise, will get "slobber-jackets", period costumes and they can enjoy specialities prepared by trained chefs without knives and forks. There is only crockery used for both meals and drinks. It is real entertainment. The bandits, who are the members of the staff, assault and kidnap all women. Men have a chance to "buy them back" then. There are even meals, which you cannot pay but "WORK OFF", served.

Also guests with pets are welcome here and there is a special menu for them. These little guests get a sundae after meal for free. Big guests get a "tot" of good mead after meal, at the expense of the tavern, of course.
The restaurant is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Its kitchen and taproom are closed after the last guest leaves. There are events such as "Medieval Beanfeast", "Burning of Witches","Jousts" and other held. The atmosphere is identical with the period they present, e.g. live medieval music, mead, vault, interior, candles, fireplace with open fire and fog rolling over the floor.

Middle Ages Pub, Brno

GPS: 49°11'45.42"N; 16°36'23.86"E




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