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Restaurant Kaskáda, Brno-Jinačovice

Restaurant Kaskáda, Brno-Jinačovice

Na Golfu č.p. 1772
664 34 Kuřim

Phone: +420 541 511 711
Fax: +420 541 511 710

Restaurant – managed by the chef Michal Göth - offers a high standard, above all in the quality of gastronomy with emphasis on the seasonal character and freshness of the ingredients. Part of the restaurant is ideal for spending time with family or a business meeting with partners. And that as early as 7 in the morning. During the weekend, restaaurant offers brunch which pleases not only the players, but their company as well. The restaurant further offers a club lounge with fireplace which is ideal for having small company or family celebrations.

We also hold regular gastronomic events, wine tasting, pork feasts, BBQ and many others.

Also an option of providing cocktail parties, garden parties, catering and party service is included in our offer.

Restaurant Kaskáda, Brno-Jinačovice

GPS: 49°17'54.67"N; 16°31'53.19"E


Server rating: HvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdička 4/5
Visitors' rating:
HvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdička 0.0/5

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