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The garden restaurant Green, Brno

The garden restaurant Green, Brno

Vavřinecká 38
624 00 Brno-Komín

Phone: +420 541 223 054
Mobile: +420 736 473 641

The garden restaurant Green is located in a quiet part of the Brno's quarter Komín in Vavřinecká street just next to the new residential complex "Farská zahrada".

The capacity of the restaurant is 130 seats. The conservatory with 40 seats makes a very refreshing impression (of course in the winter time it is heated, and so used without problems all year-round). It is an airy, light room completed with the stylish arrangement of house plants and other decorations. In the remaining part of the restaurant, which is designed in the club style, there are seats for further 35 - 40 people. Moreover, in the summer months we can provide you with pleasant sitting on the outside terrace (16 seats) or the pavement area (up to 40 seats) with the possibility to use the offer of meals made on a lava grill or in our smokehouse.

You can also use the access to the wireless internet in the whole area of the restaurant, of course free of charge.

The menu of the restaurant is focused on the Mediterranean minute cuisine (steaks, pasta, risotto, fish, salads), but also the dishes of the Czech and Moravian cuisine. In our offer there are "Noble" specialties as well - uncommon dishes made of exotic and domestic animals, game, feathered game, sea and freshwater fish and other animals, which are suitable especially for festive opportunities. In the lunchtime they prepare a midday offer which consists of soup and a main course, and then almost every week a HOT tip (if possible grilling or smoking outside - particularly at weekends).

As for the beverages, we would like to draw your attention to a plentiful range of wines, which consists of quality, attributive and vintage wines (about 70 kinds and brands from the CR, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Argentina, Chile, Australia). Please also notice the unique wide range of port wines (about 20 kinds and brands). You can try either first-rate Cuban cigars Habania, which you can choose directly from the humidor, or perhaps exclusive kinds of coffee Compagnia dell´Arabica from the noted planting parts of the world.

The garden restaurant Green, Brno

GPS: 49°13'22.73"N; 16°33'16.27"E


Server rating: HvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdička 4/5
Visitors' rating:
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