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Samurai. Prague

Samurai. Prague

Londýnská 73/379
120 00 Praha 2

Phone: +420 222 515 330
Mobile: +420 774 422 217

If you like sushi, surimi, maki, obento and other japanese titbits from chicken, beef, pork or seafood - this is the best place to visit. The original interior invokes the calm and pleasant atmosphere of Japan, altough you are in the rush area of Prague.

The amazing show with knives, wiode selection of wines and cigars makes the visit a remarkable experience. You can also use the distinctive business and karaoke rooms - well this is the place you will like to visit again.

Samurai. Prague

GPS: 50°4'33.96"N; 14°25'57.82"E


Server rating: HvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdička 5/5
Visitors' rating:
HvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdička 0.0/5

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