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Restaurant-Penzion Na Octárně, Kroměříž

Restaurant-Penzion Na Octárně, Kroměříž

Tovačovského 318
767 01 Kroměříž


Restaurant is equipped by classic style furniture, carpets and lamps, wooden cartridge facing as well as big bar with all facilities for service staff. Original ground plan was observed and is suitable for familiar gathering for 3 - 12 people. Built up "winter garden" with capacity of 20 people is a convenient place for breakfast of pension guests or for close corporation. The dining room is used for celebrations and workshops, lounge is intended as a place for business meetings.
Restaurant-Penzion Na Octárně, Kroměříž

GPS: 49°17'50.48"N; 17°23'57.88"E


Server rating: HvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdička 4/5
Visitors' rating:
HvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdičkaHvězdička 0.0/5

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